1) What is my equipment worth?

a. Depends on many variables which may include:

i. Age and state of equipment
ii. Relevance of equipment
iii. Timing of posting
iv. Geography

b. Best advice is to do some homework and set a price that you are happy with and stick with it. Once you attract some attention, you may need to negotiate but at least you will have some offers to consider

2) How is freight/shipping handled once a sale is made?

a. ExWorks – Buyer is responsible for all title, registration, loading, transportation costs, insurance, safety etc.

3) How do I get paid once a sale is made? How long will this take?

a. Within 2-3 days with credit card, up to 7 days by wire transfer

4) Can I vet the buyer before I agree to sell my equipment to them?

a. By Airfield Trader acting as Escrow between the buyer and seller, you are guaranteed to receive payment by us in the agreed upon time.

5) Once I buy a piece of equipment, what happens if I am not satisfied with it?

a. Responsibility of the buyer. As is, where is and with all faults.

6) Should I change my price if my equipment is not attracting any interest?

a. Set the price and list “or best offer (obo)” if you will entertain a lower sale price.

7) Is Airfield Trader a legitimate buy/sell website? What are its credentials?

a. With a 40 year history working with Airfield Operators, Team Eagle has earned a reputation of trust.  We are proud to offer another solution to our airport partners; a secure and trusted marketplace for airports to buy and sell their used parts & equipment. 

8) How is tax handled after a sale is agreed upon?

a. Being paid and charged by Airfield Trader as part of the overall agreed to fee for the sale

9) Is there a terms and conditions document I can reference?

a. Buyer and Seller terms and conditions available when signing up for an account.

10) Is there a contract I have to sign to participate in Airfield Trader?

a. You must agree to the terms and conditions to be allowed to create and use an account as a buyer or seller.

11) Tips for selling your equipment and or parts:

  • Provide a comprehensive and accurate description of the equipment you are offering
  • Provide quality high res pictures with your submission
  • Make sure to add make, model, serial #, year details in your posting
  • Provide copies or at least reference service records if they are available including fluid sampling frequency/records
  • Reference inclusion of all manuals if applicable